5 Books to Read in 2017

Some things I plan to read (or finish, or continue reading) in 2017, related to theology and/or politics:

  1. Schmemann’s For the Life of the World. This has been part of my devotional reading for a few weeks now and I find it stunning. If you are an Evangelical who likes Peter Leithart or Jamie Smith, then you will be moved and shaken by this Orthodox account of the Eucharist and its missional impact. He explains why we are what we eat, and why food is life – because, you know, Jesus. The book is theologically rich, beautiful, and challenging.
  2. Calvin’s Institutes. A few of us will be reading and blogging through The Institutes this year over at Local Theologians. It is theological, pastoral, thoughtful, and I look forward to being encouraged, frustrated, challenged, and made to think.
  3. Capon’s The Supper of the Lamb. A priest writing about food and worship, recipes included. And, as Schmemann would want to say, food is life, and life is political. Bases covered. Um, yeah. Looking forward to this.
  4. Dreher’s The Benedict Option. I just finished Dreher’s The Little Way of Ruthie Leming, followed by his How Dante Can Save Your Life. Both were good, exceptionally reflective, wonderful stories of God’s work and mercy through unexpected conduits of grace. The Benedict Option will be a different kind of book: a look at how Christians might move forward in a world and culture that seem headed for willful self-destruction.
  5. Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See. Ok, this isn’t exactly theological or political, except as all great books inspire worship of God and inspire us to see our fellow humans differently. Doerr is a local author, yes, but this is also a Pulitzer winner, and it has taken about 5 minutes of poking around to see why. The writing is astounding. Like, as good as anything you will ever read. Seriously. I am loving it, thus far.
  6. Bonus: If I get through this stuff (that is, Doerr and Capon), then I will start War and Peace. Yep, that one. That’s a real political theological piece, and I have been putting it off. For no good reason.

Let me know what you are reading or plan to read. I look forward to watching and listening as God does His new creation work in 2017.

Blessings in Christ our King,



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