Reflections on this, Trump’s Inauguration Day

  • Trump was inaugurated as President of the United States today. I pray that God preserves him, that God gives him wisdom, grace, love, and peace in his presidency, that God will lead him to repentance and submission to the full and glorious Gospel of Jesus.
  • John Piper added his voice to the growing chorus of Evangelical leaders proclaiming Trump as unfit for political leadership. I’m not going to add much to their thoughts, except to say that Piper’s voice as a known conservative is important. He is thoughtful and careful in his post, as well as being totally consistent with the Evangelical position from the time of the Clinton scandals. I appreciate his post.
  • A friend was asking which historical, biblical figure Trump reminds me of. He suggested Pontius Pilate. Possible. When I was in Israel last summer, the most consistent biblical comparison I saw was to Herod the Great. Both are wealthy, creative geniuses, extremely thin-skinned and narcissistic, build spectacular monuments to themselves, want to appease the religious leadership without submitting or repenting, refuse to acknowledge Jesus’ authority over them. I have no idea what it would look like if Herod the Great actually came back to rule today, but I imagine the next four years will give us as near an example as I hope to see. I may reflect on this more. Or maybe I will have no need to.

Father, I pray for President Trump. Will You protect and care for him, will You give him success as he leads the country, will You use him to lead the country in godly, wise ways. I ask that You would lead him to Jesus, that You would grant him humility and repentance, that You would work in Your ways such that Trump’s leadership would advance Your Kingdom work and the causes of the gospel. You are a good God who holds all leaders in Your hands. No ruler is outside Your control, and so we trust Your working today and tomorrow and all days to come.

Blessings in Christ our King,



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